Life as of late.. This website and blog as again fallen to the way side after months of traveling and moving around. I now find myself a little more settled in Berlin and back to painting. The winter is feeling never ending and can't seem to stay above this in and out of sickness. So lots of soups and restless nights. The mornings at the new flat are lovely though, and the sun on some days starts to fool you spring is coming.. then the day turns grey.. 

In the meantime I am trying to make a focus more on creating a space for my paintings to live outside of just my home, and here and there on Instagram. I'll see if it actually happens :) 


I'm finally home and have a little down time after 6 weeks of traveling the states for holidays.. Now it's time to catch up on the site and piecing my studio back together... More news and updates coming shortly! 

hope you are having a beautiful start to the new year...



Studio Glances

Winter light is shifting into place, taking over the warmth of fall tones slowly.. making for bright and crisp mornings.. I expect to be pulled to dark colors and high contrast soon.. here are a few snaps of my work space.. and all the little items I keep around to inspire me through out the days.. 



Here is my new updated site! I am very excited to launch this site, where my work, blog and shop will be all at home in one place. Hope you enjoy! 

Thank you..